Introducing the “Art of Undieting” challenge.  It is an 8-week health challenge designed to transform various aspects of your life. It’s not just about weight-loss. It’s about changing the way you eat and think about food, not necessarily to lose weight, but to gain health and feel great. It is about learning how to stop dieting and start feeding your body with delicious nutrient dense food. It is about balance and taking control of your health. It is about lasting sustainable change to enable you to ultimately live your best life ever.

We all deserve a life of vitality and we have the potential to create it ourselves. It’s time to take back your health, starting with the food you eat.

In a world where we are bombarded with information, from the latest diet craze to the perfectly sculpted bodies on the covers of fitness magazines, it is difficult to know what is best for you and your family. We live in a society where dieting is the norm and your dress size is more important than being healthy. It is time to stop dieting, to start listening to your body and to thrive!

The health challenge includes:

  • 4 X group sessions. (In person or online on Zoom or similar.)
  • 3 X 20 minute one-on-one couching sessions with a professional health coach. (In person or online on Zoom or similar.)
  • The art of undieting guide and eating plan.
  • Daily accountability and motivation.
  • Post challenge feedback and summary of your personal results.
  • Post challenge guidance to ensure sustainable and lasting change.

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Host an “Art of Undieting” Challenge for 10 people and more and get one FREE package for you or a friend.