I have spent two years, studying the work of experts in the field of autoimmunity and have combined what I’ve learned, in 24 steps.  I’ll be sharing one step every week for the next 24 weeks, on my website and social media platforms (starting Monday 18 May 2020).  This is step 22 of 24.

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We are all different. Some people might flourish doing yoga while others enjoy spending time in nature. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Keep this in mind when you work through the 24 steps of fighting your disease. Be very aware of how your body reacts to the food you eat, the supplements you take, the exercise you do and the stress management tools you experiment with. Any action that triggers symptoms should be avoided.

  • Keep a food journal and make note of the food your body reacts to.
  • Do exercise that makes you feel great.
  • If you struggle to sit through a 20 minute meditation, go for a walk in nature.
  • Work with a functional medicine practitioner to find the perfect supplements for your unique needs.
  • Eat food you love and love what you eat.

Listen to your body. No one can do this for you. To grow and heal, you have to take responsibility for listening to yourself. Eat when you’re hungry, rest when you are tired, relax when you are stressed, step back when you’re overwhelmed. Listen to your body.

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