Berry smoothie bowl

Berry smoothie bowl

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is filled with images of delicious smoothie bowls, decorated beautifully with fresh fruit, edible flowers, nuts and seeds.    We often have smoothies for breakfast but I found that I’m hungry again after 2 – 3 hours.  What I discovered is that if you add enough healthy fats to your smoothie, you will feel full for longer and it will give you the boost of energy you need for a busy day.  Our berry smoothie bowl is as pretty as a picture and loaded with antioxidants and feel good healthy fats.

Learn more about the benefits of MCT oil here.

Berry smoothie bowl

February 6, 2019
: 1 - 2
: Easy

A delicious berry smoothie bowl loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats.


  • ½ cup frozen blue berries
  • 1 tbsp nut butter
  • ¼ avo
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil
  • your choice of superfood or protein powder
  • (we used 1 tbsp beetroot powder and 1 tbsp raw cacao, ashwagandha and mushroom blend - check for hidden grains, soy, dairy & sweetener)
  • water
  • a few ice blocks
  • Step 1 Combine all the ingredients, excluding the water and ice in a blender.
  • Step 2 Add water to the rest of the ingredients up to the 350 – 400 ml mark.
  • Step 3 Add 5 – 6 blocks of ice.
  • Step 4 Blend until smooth.
  • Step 5 Decorate with edible flowers, nuts and coconut shavings.

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